Nexril (AS13830) Peering Policy

Peering Requirements

  • Have a publicly routable ASN with IP space (at least one /24 or one /48).
  • Maintain an up-to-date and valid PeeringDB entry.
  • Have a NOC that is able to respond quickly to routing issues and abuse complaints.
  • Peer in all common facilities and/or exchanges.
  • Never point a default or static route towards our network: only traffic from advertised prefixes may be routed towards us.
  • Peers wishing to establish bilateral sessions should have at least 10Mbps 95% traffic in the prevailing direction. Exceptions may be made for peers who either do not peer with route servers or do not announce all routes to route servers. We advertise all local prefixes to route servers.

BGP Communities

  • Communities marked with may be used by customers.
  • Communities marked with may be used by peers.
  • Communities marked with support large communities in addition to regular communities. All large communities are in the format 13830:aaa:bbb, where aaa:bbb is the regular community.
  • All communities except those listed below are stripped on announcements received from customer and peers. We do not support "pass-through" communities from customers to peers/transit providers. Extended communities are not supported and will be stripped.
  • Origin communities are purely informational.

Local Preference

65535:0   Graceful Shutdown
Subtract 100 from Local Preference
13830:80   Local Preference = 80 (Below transit)
13830:110   Local Preference = 110 (Below peers)
13830:125   Local Preference = 125 (Below other customers)
13830:135   Local Preference = 135 (Above other customers)

AS Prepend

65001:n   Prepend AS13830 1x to n (use n=0 for all)
65002:n   Prepend AS13830 2x to n (use n=0 for all)
65003:n   Prepend AS13830 3x to n (use n=0 for all)
65004:n   Prepend AS13830 4x to n (use n=0 for all)


13830:666   BGP Blackhole (/32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6 Only)

Do Not Export

13830:2001   Do not export to customers
13830:2002   Do not export to peers
13830:2003   Do not export to transit providers
65100:n   Do not export to n (use n=0 for all)
65200:n   Do not export to anyone except n
65300:n   Send "no-export" to n (use n=0 for all)

Origin Communities

13830:3000 Route originated internally
13830:3001 Route learned from customer
13830:3002 Route learned from peer
13830:3003 Route learned from transit
13830:4000 Route learned in Dallas, Texas
13830:5000 Route learned in North America


65001:0 Prepend AS13830 1x to all customers, peers, and transit providers.
65002:174 65003:3356 65004:0 Prepend AS13830 2x to AS174, 3x to AS3356 and 4x to all other customers, peers, and transit providers.
65200:174 65200:3356 Only export routes to AS174 and AS3356.
65200:174 65200:3356 65300:174 Only export routes to AS174 and AS3356, in addition send the no-export community on routes exported to AS174.
13830:666 65200:174 Announce RTBH route to AS174 only.
65100:62499 Do not export to DE-CIX Dallas route servers.
65100:13335 Do not export to AS13335.
Note: AS13335 may still receive this prefix over IX route servers. Tag routes with a do-not-export community towards the route-server ASN to prevent this.